“ My life is made up of ‘I’m sorry’. I feel like I have to apologize to people, to things, to life itself. It’s like, ‘I’m sorry to be here’. I don’t want to disturb anyone. ”

—    Yohji Yamamoto (via unstable-skies)

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"You might wonder why I’m an asshole
Or wonder I’m so uptight
Or wonder why I don’t just chill out
And learn how to have a good time
But sometimes I’m scared right out of my mind
And sometimes I just get angry
Because I’ve been let down by the people that I love
But I will not let down the people who love me”


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“Awakening is not a thing. It is not a goal, not a concept. It is not something to be attained. It is a metamorphosis.

If the caterpillar thinks about the butterfly it is to become, saying ‘And then I shall have wings and antennae,’ there will never be a butterfly.

The caterpillar must accept its own disappearance in its transformation. When the marvelous butterfly takes wing, nothing of the caterpillar remains.”

Alejandro Jodorowsky

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“ Has anything like this happened in history before?
A small piece of land, filled to the brim with people, 50% of them under 16, that cannot run anywhere or escape, that is, every few years, a human laboratory for new bombs and weapons? A human butchery.
What is happening in Gaza will remain, for centuries to come, the most blatant imagery of what is so wrong with this world. The silence and the complicity of our media and most governments adding to what is one of the darkest, most sombre and inhuman act the world has ever seen. ”

—    Frank Barat (via mishproductions)

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